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Admin Professionals Day
Administrative Professionals Deluxe in Cross Plains, WI | The Cosmic Gardens
Administrative Professionals
Go above and beyond for your admin this year! I will design an extravagant and elegant bouquet that will add a little bit of color and a sweet aroma to their office. It’s sure to make them feel the appreciation you have for all the work they do. ***MCPASD schools will be refunded taxes after purchase
Shown at $70.00
Shown at $70.00
Administrative Professional Designer's Choice in Cross Plains, WI | The Cosmic Gardens
Administrative Professional
Designer's Choice
Miracle worker isn’t an official job title, so Administrative Professional will have to do! Admins have the wonderful gift of taking care of the people in the office while taking care of business. Show your gratitude by sending them beautiful flowers! I will make sure it’s something just like your administrative professional—amazing! *** tax will be refunded after order is placed for MCPASD schools.
Shown at $55.00
Shown at $55.00
Administrative Professionals Day (AKA Secretaries Day) is the time when those in charge show appreciation to their staff for all they do to keep everything running smoothly. Let's face it, without a good team behind you it would not be business as usual! Let us deliver the best in administrative professionals day gifts to your staff -- from beautiful flowers to gift baskets filled with yummy snacks, you can't go wrong with The Cosmic Gardens!